Learning the learning

We learn all our lives, yet very few know how to better learn

Most of the people I know don’t feel very good if I tell them you have to attend a session tomorrow on neurology. In fact many even say things like, it is not my field, I don’t know about neurology, Is it really necessary, I don’t want to sit and hear about something I don’t already know.

Stress of New things

Here the important point is whenever we have to face a situation we have never been before, it can be a subject, new research, new company, new job, new school, new topic, we become stressed. We train ourselves to face difficulty with tension rather than thinking it as a new challenge. This is the biggest barrier because when we think of a challenge we get excited and happy. When we think of a difficult situation with fear our mind get stressed and start making ways to get out of situation. So even if you are a mathematician attending a session on neurology, you can think of a challenge be really happy and learn new thing. If a doctor is stressed and afraid that there might be questions during session that I don’t know you will learn much lesser than you should. Because your mind will constantly planning ways to escape rather than relax and be happy to learn.

Taking challenge rather than stress

We train ourselves to face situation. If you observe kids, whenever you ask them about something new they get really excited no matter how stupid, dangerous or frightening it is. It is because they think about situation as a challenge. They want to be able to do everything that adults can do. They are happy about learning. As we grow up we become fearful, we shy away from accepting the fact that we don’t know something. We prefer to run away from situation rather than accepting it. This make new learning a bit difficult to us.

Working on learning

I am not very good at mathematics and I feel bad because at times I have difficulty in solving mathematics of metric. My teacher requested me to teach her daughters and the only problem I was facing was how I will teach mathematics. I haven’t opened the book since long and don’t even remember tables now. At start I shied away from it but then I had to do that so I requested my young brother to teach me. I took lessons from him and he made fun of me but as the time passed I felt good about that. It felt something I can easily do now. I started getting better at it day by day. Than I thought about the difference between now and then .

Being interested is interesting

At that time I was not interested in Mathematics so what made me interested in the subject was my interest. So as you start taking interest in anything it will become interesting for you. The reason here is that it takes time for your brain to develop a new way of thinking. Our brain apply many methods before getting it right while the conventional things are easy because as soon as you see the problem you know how to find a solution. As I learned on daily basis I become better because the subject become familiar to my brain.

Challenges I face

I am not denying the fact that I don’t face problem and challenge in learning new things now. I still want to delay the things as long as possible. I leave hard tasks for later and try to avoid them. I feel stressed when I don’t know about anything and I have to do it by myself. My hands start shaking when I am nervous about challenge.

Overcoming challenges

The real challenge before starting a challenge is to prepare myself for the challenge.

It is all in the mind. You just have to tell yourself to relax. What worse can happen, you will not get it right, you will not make up to the mark, you will get fired or would not be selected. None of these end the world, you will live and succeed. The best thing is you will learn something new and even if you fail sometimes you will learn it in the end and will be successful.

Practice makes Permanence

After mental preparation and relaxation you can use different methods to become better. I use practice method. At first when you solve a problem the very weak pattern is formed in your brain. When you repeat the process the the method become familiar to your brain. The pattern becomes permanent in your brain so when you see the problem next time you will say oh it’s easy pizzy. I can solve it with left hand or blind eyes, because your brain is so familiar to it, it know how to solve it.

The second method is relaxing between solving problem, just walk around a bit, take two minutes break, do exercise. Eat your favorite food, chocolate or candy then back to work. One of the best method that I discovered is running in garden for two minutes. Trees help you relax and fresh air make you feel better. Exercise make your brain work much better than anything else.

Exercise by far more effective than any drug in the market today to help you learn better. It benefits all of your vital organs not just brain.
Dr. Terrence Sejnowski

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects — University of…

Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects from University of California, San Diego…www.coursera.org

Course take away

From the course in the link I learned so many new ways to learn new things. The best way to overcome challenge is using Pomodoro technique. The second is taking proper sleep, sleep helps your brain to work on the things you memorized during day. The next is a two minutes breathing exercise. Trying breathing from diaphragm (stomach) really helps you relax and feel better. I tried many times and it works. I will definitely implement these methods when I will go for interviews, new job and learning new skills. I am currently working on video making and these things are really helping me to stay focused and happy during difficulties.


Next time when you face a challenge just take a deep breath and start trying. Don’t run away, don’t shy, don’t be afraid and don’t cry. Everyone goes through the process of learning and you should aim to learn as much as you can.

Learning is too important to be left behind in the class room.

Good judgments takes a long time and a lot of experience to acquire. Learning to learn is a skill you can master and you can use it to improve every part of your life. You will be learning even more learning tips and can follow up on them. Happy learning to you.