Meeting my bestie

A friend in need is a friend indeed

It was not the first time I ran to my best friend for help. She never denies her help to me. She understands me and always helps me in best possible way. This time I asked for her time. She is currently doing a M.Phill.

Tip 1 Do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field/industry

I told her how important it is to do an internship before higher degree. I also narrated Sohail sb’s example to her. Is there any other way to know about your passion except to try things?
She agreed with me but told me, as you know I don’t have any experience in the field now I am afraid that I might not get a good job so I thought it was better to continue my studies at that time. I tried at many places but was not able to find a job. I told her about Amal and how she can apply.

Tip 2 Don’t do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur or work in corporate sector

She said, I want to work now. I want to know how it is to work as a professional. But I am a Gold medalist of my M.phill class. I also was a topper in M.Sc therefore; my family wants me to study higher. I am from a very well established family so they say there is no need to do job. 
Than I told her that she must get some work experience before doing PhD as it will help her more.

Tip 3 Spend at least one year in your first job

I did a job during my F.Sc for a year. It was a really good experience. Yet I am confused what if I don’t get a good job? Is it really necessary to stay for a year?
I replied, you remember we were not friends at start. Everything needs time, to know a place, to explore and get comfortable with it. You must spend some time in order to know how things work in an organization.

After this long discussion, her mother served us Biryani as she knows this is my favorite food. I played with her nephew. I really enjoyed meeting her after so long. After that I explained her next three tips. I also shared link with her so that she can get an idea about Amal and these tips.

  • Find your passion and align it with your career
  • Decisions are very unique to each person, what’s right for one isn’t right for the other
  • Own your decisions: Don’t let other people make decisions for you and don’t blame anyone else

She agreed to all above points. She told me about how she likes her research and what her efforts to win gold medal were. She was only confused whether she should go for PhD or not. Her whole family wanted her to do PhD. They were even willing to send her to any country she wanted to but she wanted to do some job.

I tried to convince her that this is her life and she have to live it. She should make her own decisions now. She must go for a job. She can do PhD later in life if she wants to.