The era of royalty

Moving back in time, watching old Lahore with real eyes


The day started too dull, I was too sleepy when I reached Amal Campus. as I entered the class a new face welcomed me. I sat down lazily and she called me by my name. It opened half of my eyes. After a while I realized that I was not alone who was sleepy. There were many who were almost snoring and snoozing. We gave Madam Zobia tough time, she was really shocked to see our response.

All work and no play make jack a dull boy.

Towards the end we were full energetic as we knew it was time to leave the classroom. We started moving around talking and laughing. We cut the cake and ate and got ready. Before leaving we took picture of whole class. Then we were off to road.

at Badshahi Mosque

It started by eating as it is almost impossible not to try the famous eating places called Dhabba. After eating we go to beautiful, majestic and charismatic Badshahi Mosque. We took a lot of pictures and selfies. It was so relaxing sitting inside those long corridors watching the magic everywhere around. Than the reality hit me, the solacing sunshine and chirping friends around woke my brain up. I inhaled the air with a scent of old marble, wet soil and felt the cold floor beneath my feet.

My favorite view from the window of Sheesh Mahal

The session was so amazing. I was not tired till end. I wished the day would never end. Watching Lahore Fort, visiting Sheesh Mahal from inside for first time. Visiting walled city of Lahore that really took me back in time. The huge Dehli gate, small streets, smell of spices, rush and noise. I imagined how they must have lived here hundreds of years ago, enjoying leisure in Shahi Hamam. I was awed by the techniques and genius of the people who made and restored it all. The tea was really refreshing.

Visiting Masjid Wazir Khan was even more wonderful. I felt so much energy inside that it was really bad that our journey was ended. I was the tour guide and I know I did a terrible job. I talked but very few listened. Muzzammil Arfat Khan left early and I did not know about rest at that time there were only two tour guides. Though I studied about the type of work on walls and mosque but it was not much knowledgeable.

I enjoyed at Shahi Hamam the most. But watching from the windows of Sheesh Mahal, to the beautiful greenery high walls, people so far down just made it the best experience. In the cool breeze and height I wished for wings to fly away to the top and touch the bottom grass.

History Professor Gohar Matloob

All credit to the tour guide because of whom we were able to go inside. I learned a lot from guide rather than being a guide myself. He was amazing and know much about everything but I also learned from Amal guides. They were awesome Faisal Rasool and Azeem Iqbal really explained Badshahi Masjid well. The surprise was Gohar Matloob who remember more history than guide. I was looking at him surprised at how well he even remember dates. I learned so much and still remember so many information they all told. I learned more by being guided.

I also learned a lot from all those places. There is peace, secret, mystery and a very mesmerizing feeling that bound you to think about the era. It inspired me to struggle and create wonders and to take time and visit the wonders that already exists. The time and friends were a bonus point. It connected me more to them. There was an artistic feel in everything. I think such things also teach us how short this life is. No matter how great you are, death spares none.

Lucky are those who leave their prints on this earth that shows they existed.

I might have missed the session if it had been optional. I was not very much willing to go there especially when I know I had to do packing for Eid and so much more. But by going there I realized how much we miss with our lame excuses. We either work or stay at home sitting lazily on couch. We make lame excuses just because no one implement this on us. It is our choice only to go and visit such places.

Few are those who live, many just exist that’s all.

We miss these events because there is no payment for these. I learned that visiting such place just fuel you up. You feel the energy, the ideas larger than life and it helps you in the work life as well.

Rikshaw ride for beaconhouse

I am love gathering and I am planning many gathering for Amal fellows as well. My friends are my asset, my jewel and my blessings. I really value such bonds and I don’t want to leave them ever. I hope I arrange many events like that and enjoy the real life too. Work already take up most of our energy and time but I will be free to choose my leisure activities.I will plan because now I know my aversion to history does not cover these beautiful mesmerizing places. I love them no matter how much I hate history.

Guide, faisal, azeem
Selfie mania
Breaking into Lahore Fort