India and its foe

Well if you are guessing Pakistan because of the title, you could not be more wrong. While Pakistan is just a rival country hell bent on achieving instability through machinated pandemonium, India’s foes are truly its internal tensions that are insidious threats to the integrity of the country.

India is one the most diverse nations, home to people of all faiths and over 1500 different spoken languages. 3500 years of rich and eclectic cultural tapestries have provided a strong base for such a diversity to coexist in peace. This diversity has been the main source of strength in overcoming all the hurdles all these years. But a chain can be as strong as its weakest link. The rise in communal tensions is moving the nation towards an ominous cataclysm. The lynching of innocent people over beef consumption suspicions by the self proclaimed gau rakshaks, the ban of beef in Maharashtra and the merciless beating of the 4 hapless dalit youth by religious bigots are a travesty of religious beliefs. The unfurling of Pakistan’s national flag in Lal Chowk days before Pakistan’s independence day expounds an internal dissension of a rather serious nature.

Based on demography, India is a rather young country having 160 million people under 25 currently. By 2020, while other countries like US will be facing a serious deficit of 17 million people in workforce, India will be having the largest young workforce in the world. India could pull itself out of poverty and work its way to become a super power- the same role played by China in the last decade. But with the current scenario of internal dissension, this could not only stymie our progress but also could precipitate in an apocalypse.

The British had deployed the divide and rule policy to break down our strength to fight back. But we did fight back and we did so gallantly. Long after the British have gone, we still follow their rules and allow petty division among us. Why must we bring in the bars of religion, caste, creed & color to serve as our identity? Is our identity as Indian not enough?