5 ideas of the Week : Share

My small contribution towards the innovation.

1. Shareable code editor like google sheet.

I wonder why google has not built something like this already ? It would be great to have shareable code editor which can be useful to developers or students during college projects or side projects.

2. Personal tutor based on AI.

Personal tutor that help me learning new things let it be programming or cooking w.r.t my ability to grasp and learn.

3. App to summarize Wikipedia into bullets.

We don’t have time to read long article though.

Oh tl;dr articles on Wikipedia. It would be great to have nested-bullet list of an entire Wikipedia article so I can read interesting things right away.

4. App that finds the most optimal time for reunion/meetup with friends based on everyone’s availability.

I bet everyone want this so badly. We miss couple of guys every time we meet, setup best time for this ain’t in the hand of WhatsApp admin. Who’s coming btw ?

5. Notify me if anything significant happens in my area of interest.

Though I follow my interests on Medium, Quora, Social sites and a little news. I don’t want to miss the next time Dr. Stephen Hawking says(!) something about earth or aliens.

FYI, Duck Tales is back !!!