Ode to the Movies

I watch a lot of movies. Bollywood, Hollywood, French, Korean, Action, Romantic and so on. I love how a movie can generate characters and make us believe they have been there the whole time; that they have history.

I am writing this post because of the conversation I had with mother regarding “Why do I watch so many movies ?”

I don’t know but I believe movie is an art form I can truly appreciate. I have grown with movies. I can now exclaim at the beautifully shot lobby fight scene from “Oldboy”. I can appreciate the director’s thought process when he decided to film actors very close to their faces in “Birdman”.

Movies have immense power of influence. I know now that I want to have love in my life like the one between Adele and Emma in “Blue is the Warmest Color”. I know I’ll always stand on my bench to have a different perspective to life inspired by “Dead Poet’s Society”.

I have immense respect for film makers who regard movies as an art form rather than a commercial product like a soap or a face cream. I adore people who love reading, watch classics, appreciate poetry, paint because I believe these are art forms which really make you feel innocent, feel raw…I don’t know how to word these feelings but I hope some of you can relate.

I wish I could join them in the creative process. Maybe I will…someday.

“Why do I watch so many movies ?”. Because it augments my reality.

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