Having Big Dreams

It nice to have big dreams. Dreams actually create a keen to fulfill them out. They lead us to create a path in life. Dreaming produces a will to live a successful life that is not only beneficial to you but also to others. I think they force us to look at the destiny and act to achieve it. Big dreams get fulfilled when you start act.

Let me give you an example, Edhi sahib, a well-known Humanitarian at world level had a dream. No doubt that was a very big dream. He dreamed to help the needy and poor people. He set an aim to build hospital and industry for the needy people. This was, in fact, a big dream. To complete his dream he was very contemplative. He started to fulfill it just by small steps. And this small step that you can say “Amal” was donating one paisa and running a small workshop with four to five students. Gradually he succeeded. These small steps were the base for his destination. I love this act of Edhi sahib. I just learned from this example no matter how big your dream is but to complete “Just start working on it”

Now I share with you a story that is my own story. I was a student of matriculation. We were taught the subjects by the teachers in an efficient way. Before exams we had to take tests. These tests contained one chapter per subject at the start. It was very difficult for me to learn quickly because I was a slow learner. I was worried. One day I saw a picture of student who got 1st position in the board. He was very happy and everybody was seeing him respectfully. It inspired me to get 1st position in my matriculation exam. I started learning one topic form one chapter. And you don’t believe a person who was worried about how to pass the exam got 94 % marks in matric. I had big dream and I started small steps and was able to get high marks. I was in top 5 students of my school

The project that I wanted to achieve in my # just start project was Lean Six Sigma Tools. This is an emerging discipline in Pakistani industries. It will help me throughout my job career. The most challenging thing of this project was gathering information about the defects .This was possible during the production .The production area was very hot because this was foundry where castings are produced.

The first challenge I faced was how to get data, theoretical as well practical data. This data should be correct data and by some authentic sources. Second get approval from top management to implement the suggested method. Because this method needed to train the employee. People get used with traditional method that’s why there was resistant by the employees. What I learned from this project was how to convince employees to do something that is separate from traditional way. This project also produce interest in me to learn new things that are challenging. The next plan is to do more projects in professional life.

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