The artist that we picked was Symone Smash-It . The idea was camille’s and i immediately seconded it because i remembered seeing her at Can Can wonderland . The time i saw her live , i noticed that he has a radiating presence , a very charming stage persona and one that is very commercially viable . the style is more on the pop edm side which is great because that does have a financial standing in today’s music scene . I feel like with persona she has , its a very easy to market her product , also being only 21 she has years on her side to mould her artistry and her brand. She has come up with innovative names and concepts for her albums and tours , she changes a little from album to album , her latest symulation is a different aura to dark matter . I think she has huge market potential especially in the merch section because of her crazy ,quirky and cool outfits.

If her fan engagement both online and in person improves , i think she could have a really unique cult following . She has toured the midwest and chicago so we know her music is moving out from just the twin cities , also her web presence is strng , she does show her non glamorous side with just youtube videos and acoustic covers . She is playing the market well and i think its time for her to heavily promote herself and take it to the next level.

thank you

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