Get Firestore data from a Cloud Function

Akash Joshi
Feb 5 · 1 min read
Cloud Firestore Image

First, initialize admin and db,

const functions = require('firebase-functions');
const admin = require('firebase-admin');
admin.initializeApp();const db = admin.firestore();

And the function you want to export,

exports.getData = functions.https.onRequest((req, res) => {
const docRef = db.collection('collection name').doc('document name');
const getDoc = docRef.get()
.then(doc => {
if (!doc.exists) {
console.log('No such document!');
return res.send('Not Found')
return res.send(;
.catch(err => {
console.log('Error getting document', err);

That’s it 😄 !

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