5 Reasons That are stopping Your Road trip to the Himalayan Range

Roopkund In Uttrakhand

Finally one of the most pleasant season is here and by this i am not talking about Amazon and Flipkart Big Season Sale . Summer!! is up and it is in its full glory. Apart from enjoying Hell like heat waves and occasional Dehydration few people from all over India are also planning to visit hilly regions of the North . My friends From Pune has also decided to go to Ladakh that has become a Favorite destination (Cliche) For Bachelor Guys (who want to flood their Facebook and Instagram account with trivial pictures of them only) Just like Goa. But, for Riders, it will always be an evergreen paradise. For them, the trip is a surreal experience they would never regret.

So I was talking about my friends visit to Ladakh.Well the trip has been cancelled and I’ll put down the reasons for the same :-

1.Flight Booking

This is first and the most drivel mistakes of all. We all know that “More the late , More the money” but in spite of knowing that, my friend and most of the people like him commit the same mistake.They waited, do not know for what reasons but now flight rates for the planned dates are high like the sky.

“Book the flight Tickets As Soon As Possible”

2.The Roads

This point is especially for the people like me who are not the fan of roller coaster rides and roads as we always end up vomiting our intestines out. So, Going via public transport or a taxi is like a retribution for all our sins before going to heaven.

To overcome this ugly feeling, going through Bikes is the best option but if you do not know how to drive in the hilly regions or you do not even know how to drive one.Then, only two options left; either end up with not going or

Take your Friend with you , Be a Pillion Rider , Just sit and enjoy.

I always prefer the latter part, but going to the longer trips like Ladakh, The suggestion is a big No.

3. Friends

You are all set for the trip, Some more friends are also ready for the same, but at the last moment something would always come up with two or three of them and just like that Avengers, Squad would become a Couple or a couple with a child. Sometimes, finding even a single companion is also a luxury.

So, The result would be that either you will end up going nowhere or you will go Solo and gain an immense experience. By the way, people do not prefer the latter part in this case.

4. Leaves

You are working in an IT company or any other company. You have a handsome amount of leaves in your hand, but when you go to your manager to ask for leaves, you become the most valuable person in the team and they can not allow you to take 10 days straight leaves.

Also, if you are living far away from home, you will always end up chosing between Home or Trip because nobody is going to give you that many offs twice a Year!! Even if you have them.


At last, all situations, cases, calculations stop at you. Are you really willing to go, all the above mentioned points become true when you yourself do not want to move out leaving your comfortable bed and life for some days. The mesmerizing pictures of the Himalayas or any other Hilly regions are magnificent but trust me, the process of going to those places is not that easy.

So, the Choice is yours; You really want to see the heaven or just change your Desktop wallpaper with photo-shopped photos.