An Epitaph for Indie Cinema

Last week , I had watched Moonlight and i was satisfied to the fullest that it got Best Picture award in the Oscars . I was also happy by the fact that it is not a mainstream movie . It is an Indie movie with a simple plot and amazing acting . The efforts and study that is put into this movie is really appreciable . Even the name of the protagonist i.e, Chiron is taken from Greek mythology in which he is the son of the titan Cronus and a half-brother to Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, among others. The centaur Chiron was an outsider in both worlds: He was abandoned by his nymph mother because of his appearance, and yet, because he was the son of a god, he was different from the other centaurs: gentler and less wild. In the world of mythology, Chiron isn’t like anyone else.

The parallels to Chiron in Moonlight are clear. This Chiron also finds himself set apart from those around him. He isn’t like the other boys, and they bully him for it. He’s quiet on the surface, with roiling emotions underneath. He’s alone at home, too, with his mother Paula (Naomie Harris) disappearing into the depths of her crack addiction.

Moonlight is good and box office collection of the movie is also good inspite of being an Indie movie . In India, PVR specially have shows for every oscar movie because Oscar is popular .So , Hollywood makes more such great films because they are getting both appreciation and money for their art. But what about our Indian Cinema . Our Indie films ?

India is full of talent and we also make beautiful and soothing indie films which are just as good as any other great movies you have watched paying five hundred rupees in some fancy cinema hall. I am not saying that these movies do not get appreciated for their work like Anand Gandhi’s Ship of theseus got national award and Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court got selection in the Oscars . But if you see there box office collection Like for ship of theseus

It got less collection then any other films release on that weekend.

Recently, I saw trailer of one another indie film Anarkali of Aarah . It is already getting lots of appreciation so i have decided to do a quick google search for the film screening in bengaluru and i got none .Even in Pune they have only one screen booked for the film .The movie protagonist is Swara Bhaskar who is a great actress but in Indian Cinema to get more distribution of the film you need a star face . As it is a women-centric film maybe a face like Jaqueline Fernandez or Katrina Kaif will get more audience into the cinema . Well i am relieved by the selection of Swara as i do not think that other star actress would essay the whole character and go to method acting but definetly they would bring more audience.

Even movies like Masaan,Ship of Theseus ,Titli are backed up by kiran Rao ,Anurag Kashyap and Yash Raj films . But movies like Anaarkali or Chauthi Koot are not in that category also .They do not even getting a fair chance to to show their beauty to the audience because distributors always play safe game taking movies of big banners.

See The Box office collection of Anaarkali due to lack of distribution it did not even cross a crore mark. Why will anybody wants to make Indie films in India then ?

How will i watch this movie then .Frankly speaking i will get the pirated copy download from the internet .the movie will eventually get famous but will the movie makers get the money they deserve NO .

The other reason of worry for distributors must be that that this movie is women-centric and these films do not set the cash registers ringing unless backed by a mega star like Amitabh Bachann in the movie Pink . Yes the movie is great ,So is Sairat ,Anaarkali of Aarah but Pink got reached to all audience .How.Think!!

At last i will like to end this blog by saying that Please Give A fair chance to these small budget Indie Films.

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