Getting Started with Atomize Design System ⚡️

Create screen design much faster than ever!

Akash Tyagi
Jun 5, 2018 · 4 min read

⚠️ This article has been updated with the launch of Atomize 4.0

Updated article Link


Implementing Atomize design system is easy! Anyone who is familiar with Sketchapp can use it to design beautiful apps.

This quick start guide will help you get started with Atomize and show you how to customize it according to your brand needs.


  1. 💈 Theme Setup
  2. ⚙️ Typography Setup
  3. 💎 UI Components
  4. 🚀Auto-Updating Style Guide

Theme Setup


Adding a new color:

  1. Go to the Symbols page. Select and duplicate an existing color Symbol.
  2. Change its layer color as desired.
  3. Assign a new Shared Style to this color — For example: Color / Blue / New-Blue.
  4. Now update the Symbol name and Layer name of the new color.

Shadows and elevations:

Type System

Text Styles:

These Shared Text Styles having different colors, font weights, alignments, and line heights. You can customize these Text styles by selecting them and changing their properties in the inspector panel. After that, you need to click on Update Style icon to change it everywhere in the document.

Note: Atomize uses SF Pro Text and SF Pro Display as the default font. If these fonts are not present on your computer, then you might see Missing Fonts notification on the top right corner in Sketch.

Note: Install Rename It and Sketch Style Genereator plugins before you add a new Text size.

UI Components

You can read more about Atomic Architechture here:

Base Elements:


They have individual properties like Text color🖍, Shape ⬛️, State ⚠️, Button Color 🎨, and Icon 💚.

Note: To change the Border radius of the Solid buttons, you need to change the border radius of the mask in the Symbol page. Similarly, for Hollow buttons you can change it by changing just the outline border radius

Form Elements

Just like Buttons, Input Fields also have their individual customizable properties like — Label and Input Text Color 🖍, Border 🔲 (with cap options), Alert Message Type⚠️, Background fill Color 🎨, and Icon 💚.

Creating a simple Sign Up form:

Useful Sketch Plugins 🔌

Here are some Sketch Plugins that you need to maintain a Design System more effectively:

  1. Rename It
  2. Runner
  3. Sketch Style Generator
  4. Sketch Style Master
  5. Sketch Symbol Manager
  6. Sketch Text Style Manager
  7. Replace Text Colour
  8. Library Symbol Replacer (If you use Atomize as a Sketch Library)

Get Atomize 🚀


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