“Love” stands for meeting of the two souls or it can also be defined as the emotional attachment of the two souls .It is expressed as feeling arousing inside a humanbeing for the other one.It can also be called as the attraction between the two human beings in terms of feelings.A true love happens only when it leaves a indelible impression on both sides .It is the feeling that leads to an ecstasy. And makes the person lost in reverie.Truthfullness,faithfulness and loyality leads to a better love relation .A true love happens only once in life .And remains till the end of the life.The eternal love is the true love.The person falling in love with others does not sees its positive and negative sides of the counterpart.Life seems to be easy in period when the love comes in its way.All the hardships seems to be goodships , badluck seems to be goodluck and misfortunes seems to be fortune.And the life goes on swiftly.

Whereas on the other hand “sex” can be defined as the intercourse between the two human beings.And includes the physical contact or relationship between the two human beings.Lust increases only when there is increase in the hormones..This is done for two purpose either for enjoyment or for production of child.It helps in the fullfillment of the desire of both side whether male or female.

But is there any connetion between the love and sex.According to the scientifically proven things there has been conclusion that love is just a sex.But if we are really going to count this then love is not a sex.Love is the apex feeling excluding the sex from it .A person in real love wants his counterpart to be happy in any means and every aspect .But does not want his body on any basis..

But the present scenario has been different the lust has increased .And the people especially the youths are linking the “love” to sex.They think that love is just a sex and nothing else.But from my point of view love gives a long lasting happy feeling .Whereas the sex gives the short happy feeling .Each and every person wants to enjoy long happiness than the short one.So, its better to follow “love” than “sex”.

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