The Iron Yard — A Journey of Redemption

At some point in everyone’s lives, an epiphany occurs; a fork in the road awaits you. You can choose to live in comfort or take a leap of faith. Eight weeks ago, I was laying in my queen sized bed, lost in layers of blanket, deep in thought as I listened to the sound of rain. “To code or not to code; that is the question.” I giggled and grabbed my phone that was buried under my pillow. The next phone call would determine the rest of 2015. I rolled out of bed in excitement. Next stop: The Iron Yard.

August 24: Running late on the first day. Great. Regardless, I was welcomed by an amazing staff. The first week was grueling. I felt despair. I doubted myself for the first time in my life. Can I actually do this? Was I in over my head? Why am I not mastering this immediately, the way I usually do? After three weeks of sleepless nights and uncertainty, I plateaued. I realized I CAN and will get through this. The growing pains have been severe but I decided to accept the challenge with a little more grace. It is going to take a little more sweat, a little more determination, a little more assertiveness…a little more everything. What I have learned is: struggle makes you stronger. It bonds people. Our cohort has done so. We’re all on a really mad journey and we’re all strangely embedded in each other’s lives. The Iron Yard has become my second home and we’re all trying to keep each other from falling out of the nest.

The Iron Yard is synonymous with the word ‘support’. It is the toughest challenge I have ever faced, but I promise the support is unwavering. The faculty has shown us promise. A promise to lift us up and offer a hand when needed. I consider the staff our light house in a rough, turbulent storm. My instructor Gavin is so brilliant, it’s almost intimidating. But those are my short-comings, not his. Although my interaction with Jason, the front-end instructor is limited, I have a great deal of respect for him as well. It’s so admirable in my eyes to take on the challenge of passing on these valuable skills to students. Our campus director, Toni, is also a blessing. Her strong and buoyant personality is contagious. She’s the bee; always keeping things pollenated and running smoothly. The Iron Yard is more than just a program. It’s family.

Currently, I’m behind. I’m in an uncomfortable state between treading water and sinking. It’s sink or swim and I’m not giving up. I’m the Comeback Kid. Falling from grace isn’t on the agenda. Last stop: redemption.

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