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  1. Reuse
    The first and most straightforward point is that once I’ve defined view styles in code (perhaps using composed functional view styling 😉), I can apply that same styling to any other views, without a tedious amount of copy and pasting; both within a project and across…

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  1. Line by line
let myBtn = UIButton()
myBtn.backgroundColor = .red
myBtn.frame = CGRect(x: 10, y: 10…

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let view = UIView()
view.backgroundColor = .white
let viewOne = UIView()
viewOne.frame = CGRect(x: 30, y: 30, width: 30, height: 30)
viewOne.backgroundColor = .black
viewOne.alpha = 0.1
let viewTwo = UIView()
viewTwo.frame = CGRect(x: 120, y: 30, width: 30, height: 30)
viewTwo.backgroundColor = .black
viewTwo.alpha = 0.1
UIView.animate(withDuration: 2.0, animations: {
viewOne.alpha = 1
viewOne.transform = CGAffineTransform(scaleX: 2.0, y: 2.0)

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enum Something 
case one
case two
case three
static func array(_ values: Something...) -> [Something]
{ return values }

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  1. Promises to Signals
import ReactiveKit
import PromiseKit
extension Promise
public func toSignal() -> Signal<T, NSError>
return Signal<T, NSError> { observer in
self.then { elem -> Void in
observer.completed(with: elem)
}.catch { error in
observer.failed(error as NSError)
return NonDisposable.instance

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Veteran iOS developer, maker, hacker, builder, geek. http://github.com/akbsteam

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