Product Case Study: Fampay

  • Age: 13 to 17 years old Teens.
  • Current situation:
  • School students
  • Do you know about Fampay?
  • What skill do you want to learn?
  • What’s your area of interest?
  • Do you like reading? If yes, how frequently?
  • Do you do something for personal growth?
  • Would you love posting hobby videos on an app?
  • Do you know anything about investing?


  • Most of them were into reading books and articles.
  • They are very much interested in investing but finds it complex.
  • Around 12/20 of them want to learn a new language be it French, German, or any other!
  • There is no such site/app for them which is specially curated for teens which will provide content of their area of interests( like Current Affairs, Business, History, Science and Tech., Psychology, General Knowledge, Cultural Lifestyle), The apps which are already in the market either have a shortage of content or the content present on them is too difficult to understand.

The most important thing- Always being thoughtful around the fact that these ideas are for a company for the youngest internet users out there aka Gen-Z

The Proposed Ideas

1. Book Shelf(Books Section) 📕

2. Digi Dumbledore😲


  1. It helps in understanding complex concepts with the help of graphics and text.
  2. Will cover a variety of topics.
  3. Help users to stay updated with the latest advancement in the field of their interests
  4. No distractions like we have in Insta, or YT
  5. Will lead them towards a better future.

3. Bahu Bhasi

4. Pocket Shifu🤠

5. Frame it 😎

6. FamGroup👨‍👦‍👦

7. Hassle-Free🤯




I’m a Product enthusiast who loves exploring the realms of the creative industry.

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Abhay Kedia

Abhay Kedia

I’m a Product enthusiast who loves exploring the realms of the creative industry.

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