I don’t know if this is a good or bad idea, but here are the first two chapters of the new adult, sci-fi novel that I am currently querying. I’ve sent out a disgustingly low amount of queries, so maybe this will help. Or hurt. I don’t know! Either way, I hope that you (the person reading this) enjoys the story.

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Alaska’s Arctic Refuge looking much like the landscape of Kolnidura. Photo: USFWS/Steve Chase

Chapter 1

No differences marked the transition between Marek being alive and him being dead. His skin had been void of color, his body of hair, and his eyes of movement for months already. No sound that signaled life passing, no cry of pain or a gasp of air. No movement, no clutching of the wool blanket, or reaching for their hands. …

Everett’s in space on a six-month contract to salvage old satellites and stations. His time is almost up, but he’s not ready to go home. Maybe there’s another way.

Honorable mention in the 2020 Anchorage Daily News/University of Alaska Creative Writing Contest.

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Credit: NASA/Goddard

Content Warning: Suicidal ideation.

Everett held his smile in place with one hand as the other poked at the touchscreen, transmitting his face 480 kilometers to the ground. Three seconds later his sister appeared.

“Hey, Everett.”

“Uncle Ever?” Zia’s face popped into view. The muscles in Everett’s mouth relaxed, holding the smile naturally. “Hi, Uncle Ever.”

“Hi, Zia.” He pushed away from the monitor and effortlessly pulled off a backflip. Zia’s mouth formed an O-shape before it disappeared behind a giggle. It worked every time. “How are you, Zia?” …


Dj Tyson

Spent the last 3 years writing a book. While I query that, I’m trying to knock out a few worthwhile short stories.

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