Kidnapped Boy

Desta sefu is a slave who suffered a lot in his life. He suffered in two major ways. The first he was punished with whipping in his life, he suffered from the lung cancer. He became a slave in 1538. This story happen in the new land, in the boat. Desta sefu was beaten with a stick that make him suffer. He was from West Africa and he was kidnapped with his frand Dayo Tendai. ‘’ Oh No even we are sick we get beaten with a stick’’. ‘’Said Dayo Tendai’’. “Do you miss your home?” said Desta sefi. ‘’we can go home okay”.

‘’said Dayo’’ but we can’t go home because we don’t know the way to go home say’’ Desta Sefu. But then they have no way to go, they put all the slavery in the boat. He said the ship smell like dead body, poop, and you can see people are suffering and smell. Desta sefu was happy because he is with Dayo in the ship but if Dayo was not there he could of die.

‘’One day there was boy name Chemeka Chinso was also kidnapped he cry everydays’’ but then we were trying to make him happy to not thinks about anything. The person who work a lot and suffer. ‘’In the bout it was smell, deck,dirty and poop. Don’t worry you will not be sick okay” said Chemeka Chinso in fear. But that make Chemeka Chin So happy and it make him to not think about anything.’’Thank you´´ Desta sefu and Dayo. when Desta sefu start to talk about his family he say he have One older brother and younger sister. His brothers name is Tafari Pilirani and he said my sister’s name is Chichi Nia. he say he used to live in peace, Joy, with Love, and they used to have a big garden, a lot of food and they love music.

‘’ He said but here we suffered in different caning of disease. Also the diseases that spread around already killed a lot of people and mostly it kill 19 black men.“Okay, but we have to eat if they told us to” he answer. They where also the slave who have suffered brandings, shootings,”floggings,” and it was deck into the bowels of the slave ship. Some people die of diseases but he was the only one who didn’t die. He prayed to God for freedom. One day in the morning he whipping by his master because he was sick he can not work because he was sick because he have cancer.

‘’When they take Desta sufe to England to work then he find a new friend his name is Markson then one day when Desta sufe was sick then his friend markson take him to the doctor so he can feel better but then they take him to the doctor he was about to die.

‘’When he started to be slavery he was 12 years old and he suffered by cancer but through that he didn’t die he was slave. One day the man was trying to kill “Desta sufe and his friend’s Dayo and Chemeka Chin in the deck but then Deset sufe save him slave”.

‘’They were trying to be free like before with his family.”

‘’ OH oh I am tried to suffer here in the ship or died here i want to be free.’’ said Desta sufe,Dayo, and Chemka Chin. ‘’ but then one day he was working hard and traveling to different place he was free and got a doctor and he don’t have any disease and him and his friend were save.

“Oh! Oh! No! If you want to go back to west africa they can kill you and you can not go back to west africa because it is far away from here just stay God will help you in different ways’’said Thomas Gregory. For 22 years Thomas Gregory was free and he have freedom to do anything.

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