How Facebook 3D Photos Work

Photo by Roman Vabishchevych

First guess, fragment shader?

Check it out live here. Everything is flat here, it’s just 3D illusion.
3D object on left is built as a displacement of vertices using texture on the right. See it live.

How i decompiled

heaviest file is 400k, next, two 2048x2048 jpegs
it’s a bit hard, but you can guess the kangaroo shape here
now you can see all the vertex data. It’s pretty detailed!

How it all works?

left is actual texture for 3d kangaroo, right is 3d model vertex data.

In the end

See vertical column on the left.
i think they just test image compatibility with your current GPU? Any ideas? UPDATE: thats




curious guy at frontend agency

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Yuri akella Artiukh

Yuri akella Artiukh

curious guy at frontend agency

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