Conscious Business + Conscious Consumerism

Can you imagine a World where the basic-needs are met for every Human and every Soul has the Freedom and right to pursue Happiness?

Light-speed ahead to a Utopic Future!

… an evolved model of Capitalism is our greatest ally in building a sustainable, peaceful and productive world.

The core of this idea supposes that the current Capitalistic system is the true driver of all political, social, environmental and technological development and greatly defines our society as a whole. Because of this we must begin here.

Follow the money. 
Honour the money. 
Understand the money.

Conscious Business is about using Capitalism and money as tools to build a healthy and peaceful World. Wait? Isn’t that already kind of the goal with Capitalism? Well, supposedly yes, but the system has been hijacked by greed and an unconscious intention. We have never set a Collective Intention for our use with these tools.

Below is a great video that leads us up to present-day with the evolution of Capitalism and how it has been used. It is time to reassess and move forward with a new intention and direction. One that is good collectively for every single organism of Life.

Conscious Business? Conscious Capitalism.. Some ideas:

  1. Forgive Debt — On an international and national scale. This is highly “theoretical” and would require international support. But debt is digital and not relative to actual value on the planet and could be eradicated with proper economic restructuring.
  2. Universal Basic Income — Influx the economy with resources to those who actually need it. Provide basic-needs for the general population. We can even begin this before it becomes dire with the coming of the robotisation of our workforce.
  3. Tax the Corporations and wealth entities (the 1%) in proportion to what they make and stop taxing heavily the low to middle income.
  4. Provide subsidies, tax breaks and funds to companies and organizations who are building actual wealth for Humanity and the Planet.
  5. Conscious Consumerism — YOU as the consumer begin to choose to put your money and energy towards supporting enterprise that upholds the ethics and values of “Conscious Capitalism.”

YOU. Conscious Consumerism…

You are the consumer. A sacred role in this shifting model of Capitalism. Every part of the business chain leads up to you and your choices. The sale is the gold. Everybody wants the sale. And you hold that power. You get to choose where you put your money and where you put your energy.

Whether we are aware of this or not, being a consumer is the current Religion and main defining factor in how we see ourselves as Humans. It is not something that needs to be negated but something that can be empowered. After-all, products are stories and we are made-up of stories. So instead of fighting this it is about changing the story of how we see Capitalism. How we define this narrative in our own lives and as a global Collective.

This evolved model where business is a Force For Good does not deny the current truths of traditional Capitalism and does not work against them but works to build with them.

There are some things that need to be changed and evolved within it the current model. We will journey through some ideas that could help stimulate the current economy and that will empower you with the choices you make as a consumer. Hopefully a seed will be planted. And it is very hard to be a “Conscious Consumer” in all the ways, all the time. We still have to live and that is the first priority. Our survival. But that is the thing, at first we choose to put whatever we can into better biodegrade soaps, maybe an electric car and here and there we squeeze as much as we can into “conscious” choices. Maybe we don’t buy all of our groceries from G.M.O and large-scale agricultural producers and choose to put more into the Farmer’s Markets and local economy and by clothes from ethical producers or thrift shops. Slowly, choice by choice, penny by penny it will all add-up. And that is what this is about. It’s about reminding us that here, look, this is what we have, this is the reality of it but we can change that Story as a whole but like any true change, it has to come from within. Within every single Consumer and Human and their choices within this World. Granted it is true that some Humans are not “Consumers” and live totally off-the-grid and I give them so many props and I wish the entire World didn’t need to have a grid. But the grid is our Economy and most of us are on it and are “Consumers.” So let’s look at Capitalism and how we can effectively use it as the tool and how powerful it is to be a Conscious Consumer.

Because if I have learned anything from watching the development of this idea in the World is that the true facts about Capitalism are inherent in this model. The main part of that is that the consumer, you, have the power. You are the catalyst. Because today, money still drives forward the economy. The sale is the determining factor for a lot of business.

What you tolerate as a consumer is what the market and the money will react to.

It really is that simple. And although there are pioneers out there who are defining a new way to do economy as a whole — like the Gift Economy (please read all the Charles Eisenstein books), Burning Man styles, or a totally money-free Utopian Society — like Jacque Fresco’s The Venus Project, this would be ideal but we have to get there step-by-step. To become money-free we need to first understand and utilize money.

Conscious Consumerism, Conscious Capitalism, Holistic Capitalism, these are the steps to get there. It is about us as individuals and as a Collective deciding to choose a different way of using the tool of Capitalism. And soon if we utilize the “Conscious Capitalism” we can then evolve to a society that maybe doesn’t necessarily need money or evolves into a much different paradigm of “Money.”

With every dollar we spend we are either building an economy that honours Life or we are supporting a system that is broken. Every decision cannot be “conscious” but by taking our energy out of the fossil-fuel economy, sweatshop labour and cheaply made, unsustainably produced goods, while rallying for more “Conscious” economic prescriptions to be made we slowly leverage the power we have to be enough to remake the whole damn thing.

Conscious Business and Consumerism is a new story. And a system that is waiting to take Mankind to the Stars.

To Infinity and Beyond —