Is This Toy Racist AF?

That smile, that plushy skin. That sailor’s cap. But is he hiding something?

Octoplush looks innocent. Full of hope, cheer, confidence. ‘I love you like the high seas!’ he seems to scream. He smiles. He plays songs. And when you press his tentancles, he chipperly choruses colors (In three languages! English! French! Spanish!)

But listen closely. Here’s a recording of my daughter playing with this seemingly cuddly octopod, back in the day:

You hear what I hear? Every color beautiful. Kaleidascopic. Playful, inspiring, hopeful. Blissful sun rays to carry you forward.

And then. YELLOW. Like cowboys on the badlands calling each other cowards. YELLOW. Like Octoplush ate a bad banana once and hasn’t gotten over it. YELLOW. Like Ice Cube about to re-record Black Korea.

Listen again. There’s even the symbolic bang of dishes at the word ‘Yellow’ (not staged, I swear).

Is Octoplush really who we think Octoplush is? Or is Octoplush harboring deep-rooted resentment for Asian people everywhere, masked inside sunny, rainbow-colored appendages?

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