Topic Proposal Rough Draft

In a world where our society revolves around technology, it is not surprising that we have found a way to socialize through technology. Therefore, my project proposal is centered around the way social media has aided and inhibited our was of communicating with one another. There are articles following the way that even young children have begun to be changed by their use of social media platforms. While the populous is able to communicate with someone across the world, they are also losing the skills to communicate with someone who may be across the room from them. As a major part of our daily lives, social media is incredibly relevant and is decreasing the amount of time we interact with humans off screen. Although social media is praised for its ability to increase connections through the internet, it also leads people to sometimes turn a blind eye to the dark aspects of social media. The fact that the more people whom rely on social media to connect, also ironically slowly lose the ability to connect to others in the real world. While this topic may not be on the front page of every news outlet and some may even like to ignore the various effects social media has on social skills, it is certainly a long lasting topic as technology is an ever evolving facet of our daily lives. Therefore, as long as technology exists, social media and the effects it has in our daily lives are also here to stay.