A Day in the Life of a Fort Collins Vegan

With vegetarian and vegan options popping up throughout Fort Collins, following a plant-based lifestyle has never been more accessible, affordable or delicious. As a vegan college student, I love trying local eateries as well as experimenting with new recipes at home. Veganism has truly become a window of opportunity, and it holds great potential for our taste buds and overall well-being. Come join me on a typical Saturday to see how veganism can be a simple and tasty part of everyday life:

Breakfast: After catching up on some much needed sleep, I wandered to the kitchen to make an easy yet hearty breakfast. I decided on a simple bowl of oatmeal adorned with sliced banana and peanut butter. To complete my warm and comforting meal, I sipped some chai tea and enjoyed my lazy Saturday morning.

Lunch: Although my lunch typically consists of leftovers or whatever I can scrounge from the fridge, today I met up with some friends at Mugs Coffee Lounge for a casual yet mouthwatering meal. I ordered my usual almond milk vanilla latte and the Vegged Out bagel sandwich with hummus, capers, tomato and onion.

As my afternoon of coffee and conversation came to an end, I decided to stop by my local grocery store to pick up some essentials. Paying particular attention to the sales and features of the week, I purchased some fresh, organic produce as well as almond milk, bread, and ingredients for dinner.

Dinner: One of my favorite things about the weekend is having the time to cook and experiment with new, plant-based recipes. Tonight I made a black bean soup that was simple yet full of flavor. The black beans provided necessary protein while dried oregano and picante sauce gave it just the right amount of spice. Overall I would call it a success! If you are interested, I will link a similar recipe here.

Although my meals vary from day to day, I always strive for simple and plant-based options. Since moving to Fort Collins I have learned veganism can be a fun and attainable goal, and with the help of the growing plant-based community anything is possible. You don’t have to be a professional chef or a nutrition expert to make veganism a part of your life, all you need is an open mind and a love for delicious food.

*All photos by Amanda Fiske

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