1. Be On Time.

You don’t have to show up an hour early to be a good employee; just be on time. It doesn’t matter who you beat to the office on Monday if you’re too tired to do a good job, or it makes you sleep late on Tuesday. Aim for consistency.

2. Say “Good Morning”

When I get to the office, I drop my bags on my chair and immediately do a walkthrough of the entire facility. I started doing this a few years ago because, as an onsite event planner, I wanted to make sure the facility was set correctly for my events each day…

No Fairy Godmother will come along and make you an expert. No secret council of authorities will grant you the power to be an expert. No former expert will pass the expert torch on to you. The only way to be an expert is to become one, and act like it.

Whenever someone in my company has a question about Box, our cloud-based file sharing system of choice, they come to me. Now, they even joke that I’m the Box expert, but that wasn’t always the case. I became the Box expert because I believe in the value of institutionalized…

Whether you’re contemplating a career change or embarking on your first grown-up job, it can be helpful to pause and try to tease out what you actually enjoy doing.

First, take some time to think through every job you’ve ever had, no matter how big or small. While you’re at it, add in any responsibilities you may have taken on, regardless of whether or not you were compensated for your services. Grab a notebook, or open up a Word document, and write down the following:

  • Everything you loved about each job.
  • Everything you sort-of liked.
  • Everything you hated.
  • Everything you’d…

Okay, this is old news for folks who have been commuting for decades, but the realization that Grand Central has more than 4 entrances blew my frickin’ mind. I work in the low 50s, and there really isn’t a great way to get from Grand Central to work other than walking. For the first week or so of my job, I would walk up the escalators and out the MetLife building as a “short cut,” but even that didn’t make a huge difference.

One day, I was feeling adventurous enough to go down the hallway between Metro North tracks 38…

I won’t lie; this week has been tough. Business has been increasing steadily over the past few weeks and it recently hit a threshold that our current infrastructure can’t support. While there’s new technology on its way that we’re genuinely excited about, it doesn’t make life any easier for us now. The days are a seemingly unending stream of tasks that I’ve had difficulty separating myself from when it’s time to go home.

So far, the biggest help has been writing everything down. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I walk. I write down my thoughts and do-do items…

Jeffrey Wooddy of Rochambeau Wines and Liquors

Bar none, our favorite place to buy wine and liquor is Rochambeau in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Whenever we need something unusual, we go to Rochambeau.
Whenever we need something exceptional, we go to Rochambeau.
Whenever we need some expert advice, we go to Rochambeau.

While the quality and selection is what originally drew us to Rochambeau, the service is what keeps us coming back again and again. Chuck’s visit today was the quintessential Rochambeau experience. Chuck made the drive to Dobbs Ferry because he needed some Benedictine for a batch of barrel-aged cocktails. …

My mom always says “food tastes better when it’s pretty,” and I’m 100% convinced she’s right. Just take the photos above. Which dessert would you rather eat? Obviously, you’re going to pick the one on the left — it’s garnished with edible gold.* In hospitality, presentation is everything.

Tomorrow is Administrative Professionals’ Day — a day when bosses everywhere do a little something special for their executive assistants. One of our clients came to us on Friday to see what we could put together for the team of twenty three EAs in her office. We knew right away that our…

*This piece is in response to a post on Facebook. The post below is published with permission by the author.

Today at skill center, I was told that I’m “scary.” When asking the person who called me this to define what they meant, several other students agreed. Apparently my “intelligence” and the fact that “I don’t let men/authority figures” walk all over me is intimidating and upsetting. I was told that “People just aren’t used to a female being assertive.” Why is this so strange to the world? I’m trying to figure out how to take this.

What should I do?

First off, I…

The biggest mistake you can make is taking a throw-away job while you wait for your dream job to come along. Especially when you first start out, chances are your dream job won’t be an option right away. That’s okay; no one lands their dream job right out of the gate. Be intentional about the jobs you do take, viewing them in terms of what you can trade up from later. Though you can’t chart out in advance what your career trajectory will look like, you’ll be surprised how linear it actually was when you look back.

Here is (roughly)…

If you’re genuinely trying to convince someone that your position is best — especially when it comes to major life decisions — do so by setting the example. Nothing will move people over to your side faster than demonstrable success, and ridiculing someone else’s experience will only serve to isolate you and your position. That said, maybe your goal here isn’t to change hearts and minds, in which case you may want to reexamine your motives.

Ask yourself whether, perhaps, the contempt you feel — and demonstrate — is actually coming from a place of fear on your part. If…

Amanda Grimmett

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