Good Morning Vietnam!

If you don’t know what that’s from… just leave.

I’m not really sure what I want to write about. I’ve started writing a bunch of things on various topics, but they keep fizzling out like a forth of July sparkler. It’s been almost a constant rain here in Alaska. Which is good anyways since we had that fire just outside of town. Read about it HERE and HERE.

The rain did stop over this past weekend, which was nice because we had the Arctic Thunder Airshow and Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

A big plane at the airshow — Lady Liberty.

I ended up having to work at a food booth for the airshow, which was fun. I still got to see the whole show and make some money on top of that.

Despite enjoying the airshow, I am not a big fan of planes. I did end up walking through a few of the planes that they had up for show. I did a quick walk through and didn’t panic. YAY! I have panicked before walking through a plane… a parked non moving FedEx freight plane. Not sure why.

Highlights of the airshow:

  • I got to see me Navy Sailor working in uniform
  • I made some extra money
  • I got to see CRAZY stunts done by little planes and some big planes
  • I got to see people jump from the big plane

However, It’s Wednesday and I am STILL exhausted. Currently I am spending the next week and a half by myself while my Sailor is away for training. He left on Sunday morning.

It’s been much easier being a Military Significant Other than I expected it to be. It was a rough get go, you can read about it HERE, but now it’s just part of our life. There’s a lot of rules to get used to, but he’s making good friends and having a good time. He enjoys being in the Navy, so I can’t be mad at that. When he’s gone, it’s my alone time to diet, clean, remodel the house… I challenge myself to see how much I can get done before he comes home. My goal these two weeks is to only eat salads… so far I’m failing, but maybe I can move the refrigerator where I want it to be and take down that one cabinet and replace it with floating shelves.

Most women give their men a “Honey Do list,” but being a MILSO, I have a “While he’s gone list.” It keeps me occupied and makes the alone time go by faster. The hardest part is sleeping alone. That’s one thing I’ll never get used to.

I do, however, enjoy seeing my boyfriend in uniform. And him leaving for training is a nice break, it’s probably something that our relationship really needed. Before he joined the Navy we were always together and I always felt left out when he wanted bro time and pushed my way into going, not realizing I was being way to clingy. Now, I’m okay with him going out to a guys night. When he goes out, I just clean the house and organize. With two dogs and two cats and my boyfriend, my house is never clean for long.

Frankie — 6mo old Frenchie Frezno — 3 yr old Chiweenie