I don’t know what to write. My life is so disorganized right now, I can’t think. There’s so many little things going this way and that way, I don’t know where to start. My home is messy, dirty, literally my carpet stinks…

We had almost an entire month of rain, which resulted in my little doxie-huahua not going potty outside….. Stress.

I have be so completely unmotivated, my sleep schedule is off. I have been 5–10–15 minutes late to work almost every day in the last few weeks…. I’m never late! I hate being late. However, it’s not a big deal since I work in a small office literally by myself… but it’s still frustrating…. Stress.

I have all of these ideas in my head, my notebook has been sitting at home… unloved. I feel like I have no time to sit and think…. People here and people there, and lets go here and lets go there. Come on, lets go do something… come on lets go… lets go… I don’t want to go….. Stress.

I’m learning how to do more and more things at my job. I’m learning so I can move up and maybe even take over one day, but learning all this financial stuff….. Stress.

In January, I switched from a hormonal birth control to a non-hormonal birth control. My hair is oily… wtf. My skin is oily… WTF! Acne… acne… WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!!! KILL ME NOW!!! ….. Stress.

Get up, work, eat, clean, sleep…. go to work, come home for lunch, do the dishes, vacuum, let the dogs out, go back to work. Come home… do the dishes, do the laundry, vacuum again, do more laundry… honey… please please… help me…. Stress.

I’m so tired, but I slept for 12 hours.

I’m so tired, I only slept for 4 hours.

Fuck my life… I just want to write.