I just deleted my Facebook.

I feel bad, mostly because Facebook is how a lot of people communicate with me. However, I really just can’t standing some specific people and there was no way to stop the drama. Those specific people… unfortunately are related to me.

I’m not sorry. They can go fuck themselves. I’m not going to allow them to treat me this way, and in all reality, I don’t need Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t need me. So why do I have it?

Facebook consists of few things.

  • falsified information from non-credible links and user created lies
  • un-needed real time live broadcast drama
  • Funny videos that lead to inappropriate videos.

Facebook itself causes a slave like need to constantly be on it.

I watch my boyfriend get on Facebook countless times a day to watch stupid little videos and use up all of our data. While we’re cooking, while we’re going somewhere, while we’re watching a movie!!! He’s always on it. That bothers me. It makes me sick.

I cant remember when I signed up for Facebook, I was, I think in 7th or 8th grade? Maybe freshman year? Myspace was still the big thing at that time, and even before Myspace I was on Tagged. (Yeah, how many people know about Tagged!)(I just checked, Tagged is still a thing…)

It’s the next day;

There are some things that are coming to mind, like a few of the groups I was apart of. Mainly the dog group I was apart of, where I actually met up with on the weekends for the benefit of my dogs. We all met up around the same time at a specific park and a few of us would share pictures on the group page of all the dogs playing.

Another group was an off roading group, which I was fairly new to, but nice because if I had a question about my truck, i.e. where to get an alignment or where to go mudding, they could answer it.

Another thing that comes with deleting my Facebook is,


Out of everyone, I’m the one that will post all the pictures.

I saved all my pictures, but not a lot of the pictures that were tagged to me. Some of those I will miss. Especially ones from my trip to Europe and Arctic Winter Games 2010.

2010 was a good year; I graduated, I went to Europe, I went to Canada, I competed in a lot stuff and I got a lot of medals.

Back to the point.

I chose to end my Facebook account because I am so sick and tired of people searching for me, and seeing just stupid shit constantly; most of all, I’m glad I can cut myself away from people I don’t need in my life.

I’m 25, which is a good age to realize, the important people are the people directly in front of you and not the people behind you. Anything ahead of you is non-existent until they’re directly in front of you.

I feel like that’s a good way to look at my life right now. Especially since I don’t really have a busy life. I have a pretty average life. I don’t have a job where I need to compete to get forward or a rise, I’m literally the only one in the office. I’m in a long term relationship, so I’m not looking for any one to pay attention to me.

All things that I do want to have in my life don’t reside or coincide with or around Facebook. So why do I need it.

I don’t.

Facebook is a complete, and horrible, distraction.

So I am done with it.

I really don’t know if I will reinstate it ever or create a new one ever, but that’s the future and I’m not looking at that right now.

Goodbye Facebook.

I still have Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter (However, I almost never look at Twitter, it’s too much chaos.)

I like Instagram. I keep it because I love pictures. Not a lot of people bother me on that social media.

I love snapchat. Its personal, its temporary. It’s easy to only look at what I’m interested in. Also not a lot of people that I’m associated with use snapchat.

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