Why I hate telling people where I’m from
Amber Discko

I understand your feeling on a lesser level. I’m Alaska Native and when you meet some one who is also Native, instead of “where are you from” it’s “where is your family from?” So, although I’ve lived in… 16 different houses.. give or take? … but I’ve never lived outside the State of Alaska, but I’ve also lived in those 16 different houses in like a 500 mile radius. But mostly when people ask that question, my answer, “My grandmother was from Nome, but grew up in the Jesse Lee orphanage in Seward, my mom grew up in Anchorage, but raised my brother and I in Fairbanks, and my grandfather’s side is from Tannana. Currently I live in Anchorage. My dad is from SoCal.”

I know what you mean, just in a little bit of a different way.

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