What the hell do I tell her..?

It’s not Trump. It’s the media. The media says people are racist, so people are racist. The MEDIA say’s it’s okay, so people do it.

I recently deleted my Facebook, one thing I have CLEARLY noticed is how much the media really affects daily life. The news will say anything to get viewers, they repeat things and repeat it on 24/7 news so that it’s ingrained in peoples minds. They say one thing and the next week they say the opposite. It’s media telling people to say mean things to your daughter and all other gay, lesbian, black, asain, mexican people. The news says “we elected a racist bigot” So people think that he is racist, which I’m sure that he has said racist things, but now people think it’s okay to say those things.

This is radicalism at it’s finest. Credibility went out the window. You daughter doesn’t need to go back into the closet, nor does she need to try and fight back. Just cut the media out of your life and actually talk to real people, face to face. People on the internet are not real. The internet is a non-tangible thing. Have you ever seen the movie Gamer? People plug in to a reality instead of going out and being in reality. It becomes toxic and polluted.

If your daughter was my daughter, I’d tell her to delete Facebook. Go out and talk to real people face to face, because in reality they aren’t so bad. The bad people stare at a screen all day and let their minds be corrupted.

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