Why give in to things like this?

taken from a page called “WD”

If you should NEVER…. have to press 1 for the English language in America.

Let me tell you something,


  1. this is pretty much racist.
  2. it’s propaganda.
  3. the language you speak doesn’t define the country you live in.

The English language is spoken fluently in most countries.

America is one of the few countries where it is not normal for the general public to speak more than one language.

In what way does not understanding a language define you as unintelligent or an alien to whatever country you’re in.

I’ve been to other countries. I’ve been to Spain and France and Italy where they speak a different language, most people there speak, French AND Spanish AND Italian, and maybe a little bit of English.

Over there, I was the idiot for not knowing how to order McDonalds in Spanish, and over here you’d call someone stupid because they can’t order their McDonalds in English.

Where is the difference.

In the State of Alaska we have a lot of Filipino families who don’t speak English. Yes, it can be difficult to communicate, it can be irritating because it’s something knew to you that you don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean that maybe that person has a degree from their country and they are probably 10x more intelligent than you are.

I can introduce myself in multiple different languages. English is my first and fluent language, but I also think that the English language is one of the most stupid and irritating languages on the planet.

If you knew anything about language, you would understand that all words from different languages came from some type of origin. The English word for Taco… is Spanish, for an easy example. So what on Earth makes you think that spreading this image is right?

Stop, by all means STOP, defining yourself by the things that TELL you to click like.