To the Trump supporter who approached my Boyfriend.

But didn’t approach me, this is what I should have said.

Standing in line at the bank in our usual grocery store… the man in front of us turned and locked on to my boyfriend with his “All young men need to vote for Trump!” attitude.

  • *Disclaimer: Both Trump and Clinton can drop dead for all I care.

Let’s get some definitive lines in here, because with everyone’s “racism” “sexist” “feminist” shit, I’ve gotta make sure you understand where I’m coming from.

My boyfriend, he’s so much better with people than I am. 5'8, tan skin, black hair, obviously Native Alaskan, dresses appropriately — Levi Jeans, Billabong t-shirt, black snapback with an anchor on it, and to top it off… a full traditional Japanese koy fish sleeve tattoo. Yeah, I know, he’s hot. He’s also a United States Navy Sailor, but wouldn’t know unless he told you.

Me; causal, suede high heal booties, jeans, nice shirt with jacket, perfect winged eyeliner, topped with a perfect resting bitch face. ’Cause you know, Ginger Rage.

The Trump supporter; kind of a short, wide fellow. Clean, balding, plain white shirt, plain khaki shorts.

“Hey, young man, you’re for Trump right? We gotta get the word out for all young men like yourself to vote for Trump, you’re going to vote for Trump right. Trump is the best.” Or something along those lines.

I’m used to being approached just as much as anyone else and I prepared myself to hold my tongue if the man said something to me about Trump.


The man didn’t even give me the time of day. Which made EVEN HARDER to hold my tongue. So for about an hour I was ranting in my head about all the thing I should have said to this man. So, here it goes. This will get pretty racy so…. Just leave if you’re too light hearted for political rants.

Secondary Disclaimer… most of my political info is from watching the CBS morning news. I don’t have cable, nor do I read anything political because it’s all corrupt and pointless.

I’m looking this man up and down, probably with an evil, I will eat you alive look on my face. I’m kind of a mean person, resting bitch face is my normal face. I was angered by the fact that this man approached my boyfriend while standing in line at the bank, but not me… or both my boyfriend and I.

Is it because I’m a woman? Probably.

Why did he say that all young men need to vote for Trump? Some people, I think, would call that sexist.

And I realized, this man… this man is exactly what Trump is. A good for nothing biggot old man. He knows absolutely nothing.

He’s the type of older gentleman who sits around talking to his buddies, complaining about things that are unsatisfactory and they do not a god damn thing about it. He’s a porch sitter. He’s going to sit around and do nothing and complain about it until some one else does it for him.

He thinks women belong in the kitchen.

He didn’t ask what my boyfriend’s views were on the political candidates, he TOLD my boyfriend who to vote for.


What happened to the days where asking some one out right who they wanted to vote for was inappropriate?

What makes you think that your opinion is what everyone else should abide by?

You, sir, are the bane of the existence. You, sir, are the reason why this country is failing. It is you, sir, a short squat little man who adores his country, but is the reason it is corrupt. Fucking porch sitters, you sit around and do nothing and expect it to be done for you. You expect your women to cook a dinner for you, raise children for you. It is you that ignores women, and doesn’t think they have a voice.

Oh, I dare you, sir, to approach me. I dare you to try and push your opinions onto me sir. I will rip a new one.

I am quite familiar with your type of person. I grew up around it. Men who sit around and expect a beer to be brought to them already opened, ready to be drank. You sir, who has done nothing with his life, has made no real contribution to this country, have no right to tell someone who to vote for.

You had better than whatever god you pray to that you didn’t approach me, and tell me who I should vote for. I would straight open a can of god damn whoop ass on you old man!

Okay, I’m done.

There’s a lovely taste of straight unaltered Ginger Rage for ya!