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Jennifer Aldrich

Good day, community!

I’m Anatoly, junior web, ui designer and developer. I need a mentor to understand my strengths.

I love design more but what can only design do? If it’s app — you need also programmer to implement, if it is a website, you need backend to manage database.

Or may be I like to be a swift programmer… That is my problem. In this question I am not looking on salary level to choose most profitable specialization.

I have no friends and connections in this industry. Nobody gonna help me with this. And when I push some content to behance (I even don’t have dribble account) I see no positive feedback. I didn’t see any feedback.

That is why sometimes I give up (I have no clients but need to pay bills).

I need a mentor who can help me focus and with some feedback on my work.

I can bee good student for mentor, real friend and also can help with any advice or some job if needed.

My portfolio is here http://behance.net/akhalizev

Thank you.