Who says engineers can’t become entrepreneurs?
Preethi Kasireddy

Hello, Preethi!

Can I duplicate my story here, I wrote it to you directly into your email.

My name is Anatoly Khalizev, just 5 months American resident. Now working at Target (Maple Grove, MN) to gain communication, service experience and some money to buy new MacBook pro (current is too old for productivity).

And my plan is to grow as web designer/developer, as I think I am more visual than math (not like you :). So I know different fundamental things like HTML, CSS, bit of JS and tools like Git, Codekit, Terminal, Vim, Atom. And so on to create websites. BUT! I do it from time to time and forgot a lot and not progressing.

Nowdays I am interested in Webflow (if you know what is it).

Also I know Sketch and how to edit photos (PS, Affinity, Luminar).

And I think a like design more because you can get immediate result, in programming you are getting something significant near the end.

As you see I’m sold by a lot of things and not an expert in any.

But also I have tendencies to be a programmer. I like the idea of JS. And know that here is a lot of courses about it. But as you told, I can get result only if I will do project by myself, not copying others lessons examples.

I know the beauty of the code, how it can be elegant, and this also attracts me.

I see a lot of opportunities in the US, it is interesting and gives very good live quality. And I want to be a part of it — to create something, communicate with other creatives, to grow.

And your own story shows that is possible to make transition from other field (even tech venture looks kinda same) and be very successful and valuable.

And sorry for so long email, I really don’t have any friends, mentors here and sometimes want advice from other experienced person.

Below is my links list, may be you can browse through it and say something.

patience.design (redirects to my personal akhalizev.com)





patience.webflow.io (webflow my personal website project in development)

Thank you very much for your attention, have a good week!

Of course I am waiting for your reply ;)

P.S. Thinking about to ask questions by video, but I’m not so good in English to not make delays.

P.P.S. Thanks to all people who will spend time, reading this.

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