Challenge Accepted

I have learnt a lot already and to think it is just day one! I tend to thrive in environment that push me to flex my abilities in terms of what I know and what I can deliver. However I am not accustomed to working against a ticking clock and that is exactly how the Andela Bootcamp is designed. Perfect…is what I aim for and so I usually ensure I have a lot of time to go over my work and perfect the product. Today however I have had to strike a sweet balance between the quality of my output and the proper utilization of my resource (time). I hope I have done a good job at it and should perfect the skill going forward.

TDD….Test Driven Development is an aspect of programming that I have avoided for some time but as fate would have it, it has finally caught up with me. For the last few days I have greatly interacted and tried to learn as much as I could about it and I am greatly challenged. It happens to be the best method of development especially when dealing with huge projects. It ensures I catch all possible scenarios that would occur during the implementation of my product. It has opened my eyes to new possibilities that I would have otherwise not thought of. Developing a solution once the tests are defined goes a long way in ensuring that I do not lose focus of the specific deliverables of the product as it prioritizes the product’s attributes.

Having encountered a lot of new things so far, I have had to leverage a lot from the people at Andela to shed some light on a few areas. Reaching out to people is not the first thing I think of when I get stuck on something but I have had to learn since there isn’t enough time to do my research and learn on my own as I have always done in the past.

The spirit at Andela is greatly inspiring though. A lot of collaboration and teamwork. I quite enjoyed sharing my opinion and solutions on slack. It’s amazing how comparing notes and seeking for help and acting on feedback has reduced the time I would have wasted on trying to figure out things on my own. The boot camp’s curriculum is highly challenging but I believe I can do this; therefore the challenge is accepted!

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