7 Tips to crack an Interview

1. Be Confident: As they say confidence is the key to success, whenever you are appearing for any interview ensure that you are confident but there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence.

You must have seen in any sports movie in the climax, someone will try to give a speech post which all the players will be filled with confidence and positive energy that we can win this.

2. Be Genuine: If you have had a tragedy in your life which led you to skip school/college mention it, showcase it as your greatest strength. Many companies these days value candidates with a varied background.
For example I was giving the interview for my current organisation and I was a fresher just in college during the HR round, HR asked me which companies have you planned to join I mentioned nothing as such, HR asked me again I said Infosys, TCS etc, she asked me again why not our current organisation? I stated I wasn’t even aware of this company until the name showed on college notice board.

3. Say whats been asked for: Just remember many times we try to give hell lots of information, just stick to what has been asked for.

4. Keep it short & Simple(KISS): Well many times we try to give too much information which actually makes the interviewer lose the interest in us, so try to keep your resume small summarize it in maximum 2 pages.
Remember nobody is interested in knowing “What you have done?”, but more in “How have you done it?” and that’s the reason biographies of successful people are in demand.

5. It’s okay to Say No: If an interviewer asks you something and you don’t know anything about it, say clearly you don’t know. We are Human Beings and ain’t Google that we should have an answer for anything being asked for. This goes in conjunction with “Be Genuine”

6. Research: Do a little research about the company you are going for an interview, try to know its core business, its competitors in the market. If the company is listed publicly try to know its last 5 years performance and its future goals. This will help you better decide whether you are ready to work in such an environment once you are selected.

7. Job Profile: There ain’t any rule that Interviewer has only the right to ask questions, as an interviewee you have complete right to ask questions too. Ensure you have a full understanding of the profile you will be working on. We have seen folks just to get selected say “Yes” to any kinda profile and once they start working within a month to two they are looking for a change. Understanding of your Job profile and your agreement to the same can be deciding factor “How long you are gonna stay in the organization”

Best of Luck, be confident and nail the interview.