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Akhil Singh
Dec 25, 2017 · 3 min read

Biggest #mistake B2B Marketers and Sales are doing is not targeting #Instagram for their companies growth. #B2B companies has been going through the books for very long by following old traditional ways. Not against the old traditional ways but because of that, missing on where the real #attention is.

Instagram is at the top compared to other social networks like #LinkedIn, #Twitter and even IG’s own parent company, #Facebook. As of April 2017, Instagram currently has over 700 million monthly active users. To put this into perspective, that’s over double the monthly active users of Twitter and three times as much for monthly active users on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and seven times the 106 million of monthly active LinkedIn users.

“Different social media platforms are going to work better for different types of brands” is the conventional wisdom.

Conventional #banners( $43.5 billion Market Size), #Television( $71.29 billion in US), #Radio( $18.04 billion in US) are three main verticals to get attention. Many drivers, as well as cyclists and pedestrians, are occupied with their phones, they dont even pay attention to the road, let alone banners. TV viewing fell by 10% to 8.4 million people per minute. In that same category, the use of #smartphones and #tablets increased to about 8.5 million people per minute, Nielsen admits. Long story short, #Attention is shifting and you know it. The difference comes between headliners and practitioners as said by Gary Vee. Either you can read about it, get excited for a day or two and go back to your old habits and be a practitioner spend 40 hours a week for 60 days and learn the depth and width of the platform and start executing.

For those who dont know me, I am Akhil Singh, aspiring to be a successful #entrepreneur and a co-founder of German based start up idatase GmbH. At idatase, we are doing something totally new, I am very excited about it and its never done before in the field of IIoT analytics. Rather than us #innovating, We are building a platform that will #enable you to #innovate using our proprietary #ECA process. Now, we are core B2B and B2G business and here I’ll show you how we target and lead generate prospects using Instagram.

On the top of your Instagram account, you can see the search option. Start by using #hashtag related to your industry, for e.g. #iiot as its relevant for us.

Now you check the top feeds and see what they are into. #Research-#What they do? #How they do? and How you can add #value in their #pursuits. Send them a message introducing yourself and explaining how you can add value to them.

#Thankyou for reading. I am new to #writing and I know there might be lot of #mistakes but I am #practitioner and will get better by each blog. I hope I can bring some #value to you. #MerryChristmas and a very #Happy and #Successful New Year.

Akhil Singh

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🦁 Aspiring Enterpreneur 🦁 Help me Help you 🦁 Kindness & Gratitude 🦁 Need your help to meet #RichardBranson, #ElonMusk, #GaryVee and #GrantCardone 🦁

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