Everybody Experiences Imposter Syndrome — Strong Leaders Use it to Their Advantage
Mike McDerment

Just what I wanted to hear…I’m taking over a new role, that I never really understood or looked at closely when others were performing it. I was too hooked on to what I was doing to realize the same old approach to this new role wouldn’t work. I’ve got my share of brickbats from seniors for not evolving into the role immediately. I now realize my old approach within the new role doesn't work. I’ve my self doubts at every step of the way but I’ve been thinking of slowing down…recaliberating my new approach…involving others into the decision making knowing very well what my weaknesses are currently…going with a team decision mode to hone your new approach while learning from people who have been in the game for a long time seems to be the best way forward…

And knowing that someone is proposing a solution in line with my thought processes validates my new approach and gives me the confidence I most needed. This article is the best thing that could have happened to me a long time. Take a bow…

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