‘Void in a Void’ tale of a schizophrenic.

In a corner of my empty room
I sit with an extra chair,
He sits on it and stares at me
Like a dead cold mirror
I wonder he’s all like me
At first I’d scream
And shout, and pull my hair
And tell him to go away
But he’d tell me things
That at the moment seems fair.

It’s like two brains
With a single brain stem..
Mine where it’s barren land
Cracked bones, skulls and sand
His with lush green hills,
Moths and sloths and hornbills
Together we reel out experiences
And expressions woven in silk.

He conjoins his emotions
With my scowl and pain
I screach, cut and burn
And he throws a smile so lame.
The tresspassers, they see me
Waving and smiling to walls
And talking to closed doors.
But I see glistening fireballs
That wanders from his void to mine.

PS: If confrontation doesn’t work out, then make peace with your demons.