First time as an Intern..@Hasura

I was totally excited when i came to know that i have been selected for an Internship and that too by Hasura, who have been famous by developing a platform for the deployment of web apps and mobile apps. As far as i am concerned, i thought the internship will be a turning point to my technical and programming career. The first problem i faced after joining the internship was the selection of slot for doing the Internship. There were two slots for the Internship of span of 2 months, the May-June slot and June-July slot. After a very long scheduling process,i found the June-July slot more comfortable for me to do the Internship. I selected this slot because i had semester end exams too starting from the end of May till the beginning of June. So, it will be easy for me to concentrate in the internship after the exams.

By the time the exams are getting over and i am getting ready to start the work for the Internship. I had been following actively with the other fellow interns through slack where i saw the Hasura team led by Tanmai and Ashish and about 20 engineers from Hasura helping the Interns of the May-June slot to achieve their target.That was the moment which gave me immense energy to work with Hasura.

It was about half way reach for the Interns belonging to the May-June slot when we, the Interns of June-July slot are going to start our journey along with the entire crew of the Hasura. I wish all the Interns of June-July slot, a great beginning and the Interns of the May-June slot, great future!…

Thank You!..@Hasura@Tanmai@Ashish@IMAD, and the entire team of Hasura for building such a great platform.