You are in a rush to go somewhere and walk past a group of tourists. A person from the group requests you to click a picture of them. What do you do? Refuse and get on with your work, or volunteer to take the picture?

Though it changes based on the context, you can observe a pattern. This instance is probably a gesture of politeness, but is it always?

What is the problem?

It could be childhood trauma, the upbringing or any other life experience that makes “saying no” a difficult task for some.

Irrespective of the cause, this can become a habit and…

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What is sustainable living?

Let’s extend the definition of sustainable development, to describe sustainable living as a way of life that meets our needs, without compromising on the needs of future generations.

In simple terms, it can be understood as making efforts to deliberate our consumption. It means bringing your own bag to the grocery store, choosing to take the train instead of flight when possible, opting to eat local food over imported food as often as you can.

There are plenty of actionable steps to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, and I hope to address a few of them in the articles I…

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“I am not good enough.”

“I don’t know enough.”

“I am not qualified for that.”

“I will figure something out by myself.”

“I do not have an aptitude for that.”

“That was just a fluke.”

Did you know that nearly 70% of the people believe these to be true for themselves? I have also said a few of these to myself at some point. All of these statements are characteristic of imposter syndrome.

What is imposter syndrome?

Ever doubt yourself or your abilities despite your accomplishments? Do you have a perpetual fear of being exposed as a fraud? This psychological pattern is called imposter…

Akhila Bala

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