Your values define who you are?

Our experiences from childhood shape our convictions. Our belief systems and values define who we are. They are our moral principles which drive us to achieve our goals in life. Again even values are unique to every person. For some they might act as driving force and for a few it might be a compass. Even when two person are involved in exactly the same situation what shapes up for them is not same. Having said that there are going to be situations in life when there are going to be clashes among our values. These are the situations which test how high these values are. Assuming you’re in a situation where you need to deceive somebody in order to grow. Honesty might be a strong principle that revolves around in your life. The choice you make here will determine the strength of your conviction. Being driven by our values is not easy. It calls for a lot of conscience. It is easier to say that your life has roots to certain values but do you really stick to it? Some of these values are taught to us, some we learn and some evolve as we grow up. During the phase of growing up all that we learn and experience are segregated under certain labels that hold a lot of meaning in our life. When you examine your life and yourself you realize that each step, decision, choice that is made has its roots to your convictions. We do encounter situations in life where our values are under threat, such are the situations where you stick to your beliefs. The driving purpose of your life is attached to your belief system. Whatever you learn from your experiences is carried forward by your off springs. And hence it is important that you are convinced about your values and convictions before you preach about the same to others. Be driven internally for each of your value is a precious asset that you possess.

So what are your values?