Let go the baggage of the past

Our past is such a confusing thing you know, it never fails to amuse me. Reminding us of our beautiful struggles and times when the ship sank. *sigh*, we never realize when our past turns from being a gentle reminder to a stressor. We ruminate about the events that once occurred and burden ourselves. But the question is, do we have any control over it? Could we in anyway change something that is now history? Our past are like ghosts you know, related to our previous failures, broken relationship, or loss. What you do with such thoughts is important. You either allow them to still hover on your mind and brood over it or you simply learn from what has happened and use it as your strength. Let me tell you how this works, try holding a glass of half-filled water for a span of few hours at a stretch. You will notice that the initial few minutes will not really cause any trouble but as time flies your arms begin to ache. This is exactly what happens when you allow the bad experiences to stay in your mind for long. The longer the time the more burdensome it becomes. You need to someday learn to let go the baggage of your past. You hold on to something that doesn’t benefit you in any way, you might as well let go. Latch on to something that will help you grow.

When we talk about the past, the kind of associations that we make are usually negative. This happens because as humans we tend to remember negatives episodes over positive ones, the reason being the kind of an impact that comes along with such negative experiences. Rather than worrying about the bad episodes we need to focus on the good ones as well. There is so much we have to reflect upon which is associated with the past. In depends on us entirely too either rant about the “oh shit” and “oh no” or stay blissful thinking about the “wow” and “thank heavens” episodes in life.

All you need is a gratitude journal.