Being born as humans is a blessing. We are all gifted with such amazing abilities that will enable us to create wonders. It is very disheartening sometimes to see people not make the best out of what they’ve got. We do not realize all that we are capable of doing because of which we take ourselves for granted. All the resources in terms of both money and emotions are invested into materials. Such kind of investment will only get us short term satisfaction, what we get in return might not last for long. Before we invest into any of that we need to be thoughtful of what we are going to gain out of it. The best kind of investment I believe is investing in oneself, the returns that you get through this is a best version of yourself. By investing in oneself I mean taking time out to know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses, things that make you happy and sad, your goals and anything that has contributed in making you. Most of us don’t thoroughly know ourselves and we expect people around us to understand us. We are all so busy in our lives that we almost forget what we truly want and who we actually are.

It is never late to take that one step and initiate to make a change in ourselves. Change sometimes is for the better. Begin the change from simple things and shift towards a bigger goal. Simple changes like your sleep cycle, the way you manage your day, finances, relationships etc. you need to first find a reason to invest in yourself to initiate any kind of change or adopt anything new. When you identify the purpose you automatically will find areas in your life which requires time and effort. It is all interlinked if you see it as a whole. You begin with identifying one aspect of your life that needs attention, you then come up with steps to make the alterations and then you put them to action.

Suppose the area that you want to work on is to be assertive, you know what best you could do to become an assertive individual and then implement the steps. Investing needn’t always be towards materials, investing in self in a more beneficial and productive asset that you possess until forever.

One of the most asked question whether its stocks, bonds, properties or education, coach, trainers : How much is the return on investment? 
I don’t have an answer to this in percentage yet, but I surely know that I will still keep investing (gambling) in this one life that I have.