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The new iphone SE 2020 — Not really all that 2020 aesthetically

The iphone was more than just a phone. It revolutionized the mobile industry with best in class touch screen fluidity. Apple are usually not the front runners and are mostly the ones who perfect the existing technology. It’s been more than a decade since the first iphone. Apple brand value quadrupled. Owning an iPhone in developing countries is not a utility but more of a status symbol, just like everything expensive. If you own an iPhone, you must be doing well for yourself.

Since then many new players entered the mobile space promising better specs, better cameras, more RAM and…

In wake of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of companies are testing work from home options. Are we ready for this kind of change?

Traditionally, workplaces are perceived to be better for employee collaboration, for a sense of community and for getting work done faster. Now that employees are forced to work from home, at scale, employees feel isolated, communication isn’t as effective and work isn’t fun. The immediate response to such an emergency is to create slack and team groups. Managers want employees to mention — logged in / logged out on these groups. …

This is an opinion post.

For those who aren’t aware, let me set the context. The citizenship amendment bill CAB , now an act CAA, was passed by the govt of India. The CAA states that the government will make provisions to give indian citizenship to people belonging to persecuted religions from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The government has identified 6 religions, basically excluding muslims. This has stirred protests and violence across India because it supposedly threatens the social & secular fabric of the country.

What the heck does that mean?

This means the following -

  • Everyone who is being…

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I woke up this morning with a particular feeling that something is missing from my life. I got a beautiful wife. Now I have a lovely mini-me daughter. At the age of 28 with constant quarter-life crisis, i’m confident that a day will come when i’ll be a millionaire if not a billionaire. Thousands of ideas in my mind, i’m confident that at least one of them is a bound to succeed. The plan is pretty flat straight forward.

  • Find a thing of value.
  • Get others to validate it.
  • Get a funding.
  • And scale it with the money.
  • Poof! suddenly…

Here’s what I’ve been wondering. How do people become friends other that being put up in a common ground like a school or work place or your project or same date of joining in your company. Is it possible to meet a person just with the intention to be a friend?

In that case isn’t Google in a better position to help people make friends?

What if , I can see , what some person in my locality has been reading on Google search just as I’m searching. The deeper about the topic I’m going into and the more I…

Akhil Paul

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