Next Plan: Acronym in Thiruvananthapuram

Acronym is a Virtual World or Massively multiplayer online world (M.M.O.W). It is a computer based simulated environment. It is populated by many users who can create a personal Avatar and simultaneously and independently explore the Virtual world, participated in it’s activities and communicate with others.

The Acronym project has investment from many foreign countries including United Arabic Emirates.

In Thiruvananthapuram, the Capital city of Kerala, the Sky Wings Broadcasting Technology Company is going to launch this Virtual World.

Mr. Deepu R Sasidharan, the Managing Director of Medilife TV Channel is the master behind this project.

Sky Wings Broadcasting company is a leading Media company in Kerala. In coming years, Acronym will change the status of Kerala, the God’s own country.

In a personal interview, Mr. Deepu R Sasidharan said that, the Acronym Virtual World project will help Kerala to grow in the highest economic level after the deployment of M.M.O.W Project.