How do you know when you love someone?
The Angry Therapist

I partially agree with you. It’s a choice, but only from your end. You shouldn’t forget the fact that choosing to love her/him is your choice and you may not neccessarily get that amount of love back or for that matter she/he may not love you back at all. It’s her/his choice after all. You cannot make her/his choices or force her/him to love you back. If you do, it ain’t love. Again, in this case too, it boils down to the fact that though she chooses not to love you back, will you still love her, love her even deeper hoping at some point she chooses to love you or will you choose not to love her(strictly speaking you can’t control it) and learn from this and become stronger and get ready to board another flight as The Angry Therapist says.

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