UCD Charrette Process Blog

  1. Our project involved designing a vehicle for Cinderella. The vehicle was designed to entertain Cinderella while also having many safety features to thwart attacks from enemies. We drew up the user interface that Cinderella herself would be using. The basic features were her screen which displayed movies, and a remote. When an attack was sensed, she could use the remote and the screen to choose her course of action. There were several buttons which gave her the choice to manually or automatetedly attack the enemy, avoid and view the attacker. Because Cinderella would have to make quick decisions, the navigation between each screen was not fancy but rather simple and efficient.
  2. I really enjoyed this process because it resembles how businesses have to design solutions that are different for each user. This allowed our group to be creative knowing that there is no single solution, but there are specific needs that need to be met. One problem that occurred is that each of us had different ideas for how to design the interface; that is both good and bad in a way. It is good in that we all had different and unique ideas to contribute for the project. However, it did take us some time to come to a consensus. In the future, I think this will always be some sort of a factor and it is important to make sure you can work together well with the other people in the group. I also want to know what technologies are used by companies to create prototypes.
  3. I liked how there was a lot of collaborative work that was done and we were able to present our works. I think it is important that people showcase whatever ideas they have because you never know who will be impressed. Even if it is in a classroom setting, it is great to have other people recognize the work you have done. I also liked the fact that we were exposed to completely different ideas, whether they were feasible ideas or not. I like being creative with ideas.
  4. I can see myself using this technique when trying to come up with a design for a mobile application or a new sort of technology that has not been exposed to the market. Everyone has a different vision for what they see as finalized product for a certain idea. I want to intern at an application UI design company sometime during college and I would imagine this is how people create new ideas. It might be more focused towards a certain idea rather than the wide range we had in the charrette. However, I think you would still see a wide range of ideas. Things like widget placement, color scheme, and navigation between layouts are not going to be exactly the same for anyone.

picture showing our different screens

picture describing our different features for Cinderella’s vehicle