Distributed systems as a single system image

As said by Leslie Lamport, a distributed system is nothing but malfunction of a computer somewhere in the network which we don’t know earlier if exists, causing your system the trouble. And this draws the basic contrast between concurrent and distributed systems. In a distributed system along with concurrency, partial failures will be a key characteristic. Distributed systems provide single system view, means, harnessing power of many in one. As an example, let us assume a service that allows users to insert data to database. The database server used here is replicated to balance the load, avoid single point of…

Cray XC series super computer. Image courtesy: Cray

Beskow is a super computer provided by KTH university, Sweden, Stockholm.


Beskow is a Cray XC series super computer. The Cray XC series is a distributed memory system developed as part of Cray’s participation in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) High Productivity Computing System (HPCS) program. The Cray-developed Aries interconnect provides high network performance and programming ability. Beskow has two chips. First contains 2 Haswell processors per node with 22nm technology, 16 cores and 2.30–3.60 GH z clock speed. The caches is range as follows: L1–64KB per core, L2–256KB per core and L3 24MB shared. It contains 4…

Chaos Machine

With its history dating from 2011, chaos engineering played a pivotal role in the way the applications are being monitored in production systems. With rapid deployment, production systems are being vulnerable to failures. Some tools that implement chaos engineering on production systems either lack controlled failure injection or custom defining type of failure when injecting. Chaos Machine, an application level chaos engineering tool, took a stride by implementing chaos engineering at refined level. More specifically, targeting try-catch blocks of your application. …

CICD with ServiceNow

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that offers software as a service (SaaS), namely IT Service Management, HR Service Delivery, Governance Risk and Compliance, Customer Service Management and many more. Multi-instance architecture provided by ServiceNow makes it unique in the world of cloud. With rich out of the box (OOTB) features, it stands out among it’s competitors (BMC Remedy). ServiceNow introduces its new features in their releases, with the latest to date being “Orlando”.

Fun fact: ServiceNow was formerly known as “GlideSoft”. It is said as per community that, Fred Luddy, the founder of ServiceNow, heard a pilot…

Akhil Yerrapragada

ServiceNow Consultant & Application developer | Software Engineer

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