The rain is forcefully making me wet , I am hurt.

My hair is already wet — it’s shutting my eyes ,

I know this’ll soon be my WAS but it’s hard,

I desperately want to stay dry but it’s not working out.

I’m trying to dance through this rain but i’m freezing

But then suddenly, I realize — OH NO, It’s a storm ,

It’s windy,

There’s no shade close enough for me to hide

Oh no — it’s falling hard,

It’s dripping stones, they’re hitting me hard,

I’m not sure whether to stand nor pick up the stones,

I wonder if they won’t melt on my freezing hands,

The stones are beautiful but they’re so cold,

The water tastes so pure but I’m freezing ,

What a beautiful image this would appear to be if this moment was to be captured -

I wonder if my sadness and brokenness would be visible for anyone to see ;if the tears through my eyes running down my face covered by the storm would show.

I’m thinking maybe NOT

Cause just like my tears and so is the pureness of the rain water ,

I’m hurting ,

I’m sad ,

I want to be happy ,

I want to stop pretending ,

I want to keep my head up and not only to fool the world but for me and because I am happy.

I realize that this is just a temporary phase and in no time — it’ll pass.


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