My take on ProgPOW — looking for a reasonable answer to a reasonable question

Claim 1: The only ways to stop the development of specialised mining devices for Ethereum are to make ETH really cheap, or to drastically reduce mining reward

  1. Ethereum not being worth much until the beginning of 2017
  2. Credibility of Proof Of Stake replacing PoW “soon”. The key word here is “replacing”. Eth 2.0 pivot in June 2018 meant that PoS and PoW chains will coexist, at least for some time.

Claim 2: GPU mining is a losing battle, and Ethereum is the last bastion

Claim 3: Hardware design shops are getting better at what they do

Claim 4: Pursuit of “ASIC resistance” is a strategy of denial that can hurt more than help




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Alexey Akhunov

Alexey Akhunov

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